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About House of Biori

Biori is an UAE based evolving contemporary brand of unique and ethically handcrafted fashion jewelry and accessories created by artisans in sustainable communities across UAE, India, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Thailand.


Through our design, story and projects, we would like to raise the awareness of artisans and craftsmanship, expanding internationally staying true to ethical and philanthropic roots.


The to go to brand for handcrafted meaningful designs that people will keep and cherish.

A blend of traditional aesthetic with contemporary urban style encompassing global trends.No mass-produced wares, no unfairly paid makers, no middle men.

Developed on the three principles of Omniprenuership - Giving, Earning and Sustaining.

Launched on 9thSeptember 2017, BIORI is conceived to bridge the gapbetween mass high street jewelry & high end luxury brands. Unique and ethically crafted, the brand focusses on affordability.


We inspire every woman to express the multiple sense and sensibilities that make her unique. And we do this by -

AFFORDABLE UNIQUE JEWELRY - offering her quality led craftsmanship that she can afford with a smile;

TIMELY DESIGN - Offering classic, chic and contemporary jewelry in a wide variety of styles, colors and cultural relevance.

PERSONAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - Providing a convenient, welcoming and inspiring journey.

SELF EXPRESSION - Addressing her past, present and future, her relationships and preferences.

Sustainability is an essential part of the BIORI way and an increasing value add for consumers. Responsible business practices begin in the design phase with the choice of materials and suppliers, and continue through to how we craft, distribute and sell our jewelry.





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