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by Priyanka Sarkar



In 2021, the oldest members of Gen Z will be turning 24. As the younger generation’s buying power grows, their demand for sustainability is going to grow with it. It’s going to be on brands and retailers to respond to a larger portion of their customers willing to put the environment first when it comes to how they spend their money.

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for reconceptualization and retraining of designers but also of consumers. It means thinking smaller - not a 60-piece collection, but maybe a 16-piece one, that is beautiful and wearable, made with less waste, by workers who are treated fairly.

That push is being buoyed by a growing demand among consumers - particularly the highly coveted demographic known as Generation Z  - for ethical and sustainable fashion.
As fashion sits at the intersection of art and utility, it has the power and responsibility to create a beautiful solution [post-COVID-19] that helps to stitch back together communities that are healthier, stronger and more artistic.

On "Consumer Retail Day" (a day dedicated to the power of purchase) we at Team Biori are thrilled to share the story of "Khadi Natural" in ME lead by Radhika Sagar, founder Aarya Natural FZC.

"Ayurvedic products and practices, in their purest form, have been extensively used and trusted by millions of people for centuries", says Radhika. Aarya Natural FZC was formed with the vision of bringing the beauty of all-natural, Ayurvedic, herbal and handmade products to the community of UAE.

 Established in 1963, Khadi Natural has its affiliation under Khadi & Village Industries Commission (Govt. of India). For the past five decades Khadi Natural has been helping people in rural areas to attain partial or full employment in their local vicinity. The motive of the institution is to actively engage the local communities while keeping the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi alive.

Khadi Natural manufacture 100% natural, herbal, and handmade products formulated to suit all skin and hair types. They have a wide range of Paraben free (chemical preservatives in non natural cosmetics) and SLS  (sodium lauryl sulphate) free products. Their products are made from a special blend of botanical extracts, nutrients and aromatic oils, which are unique and based on Ayurvedic principles. The products formulae are also chemical free, non-toxic and gentle to the environment. 
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While building consumer confidence with responsibility and resilience, Khadi Natural maintains the impact of Atmospherics (touch, feel, believe) in products.  

"Our minimal and clear packaging allows buyers to immediately see the product inside without having to guess or go through layers of packaging. Buyers are attracted to colors and varieties and this is what our products offer", says Radhika.


With the rise of the conscious consumer, and the intent to make environmental and ethical purchasing decisions, retailers need to build sustainability into the core of their businesses, and look for new ways to grow efficiently both online and offline. 

The ability to respond rapidly through omnichannel capabilities as the pandemic situation evolves, is the tone on which brands need to ring in.  This is an opportunity to reset and rebuild.

"From the beginning our focus has been on online sales through both brick and motor and online channels who hold a niche in beauty and natural products with a proven record", says Radhika.

How we help consumers to get through the now and next of the pandemic will influence our success in the years ahead.


People are living differently, buying differently and, in many ways, thinking differently. The habits formed now will endure beyond this crisis, permanently changing what we value; how and where we shop; and how we live and work.

Being toxin and chemical-free, plastic-positive, cruelty-free are all factors that will start shaping consumer choices. Along with this, the demand for locally made products should see a strong rise. Each day, you buy or consume something. Every time you do this, you have the choice to support sustainable development and fair wages within communities through how you choose to spend and invest your money.

"There has been an uptake on online sales since March 2020 during the lockdown, without any altercation or fluctuation in our pricing as we are a sustainable brand and our pricing has been competitive from the start ", says Radhika.

In the short and medium-term, the buying behaviour is going to shift towards purpose-driven brands. Brands that have kept trust and credibility during the Coronavirus crisis are likely to benefit in a big way.

PRIYANKA SARKAR , Founder & CHIEF Designer , House Of Biori

“There will be some realignment in category and brand preferences but on the whole, the sector is poised for growth. Having said that, the companies that are able to understand the most significant changes in consumer behaviour and position themselves to adapt accordingly will emerge as true winners.”


Radhika Sagar, Regional Head MENA and Iran
Khadi Natural

Starting at a time when the the region had a shrinking appetite towards natural body care products, Radhika has been able to grow the brand exponentially across various selling platforms. Needless to say that the journey has been no less than a roller coaster ride making the experiences unique and exhilarating.

Radhika aspires to make sustainable products easily accessible to people of all economic and social demographic.

As a side hustle, Radhika also ventured into yoga and the yogic lifestyle and eventually became a certified teacher in July 2018 embracing a overall 360 wellness attitude towards life.

Born and raised in Dubai, Radhika brings in a very unique perspective on merging cultures. Looking forward to listening her story in today's session. 

Radhika can be reached at


Priyanka Sarkar
House Of Biori

Priyanka is a designer by heart (and training), retailer by mind and omnipreneur by choice!

An entrepreneurial-driven senior management professional with over 19 years career in Fashion Retail Industry that reflects an exceptional record of achievements in delivering strong market oriented product performance(apparel and accessories) and operational results across India, GCC and KSA.

International experience includes working, traveling, and conducting business and supply chain in the Middle East, UK, Europe and the Far East regions. A motivational team leader with strong communication and diplomacy skills, and the ability to easily work with and manage a multinational staff. Passion for success and maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, energy and style.



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